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How our silver jewellery is made

Ellen Thomas

We’ve been asked a few questions about our design and manufacturing processes, so we thought we would tell you more about it…

At Adornment Archive we try to fuse traditional manufacturing techniques with modern technologies. The pieces in our Immortalising Welbeck collection have been created using a fusion of 3D modeling, 3D printing and lost-wax casting techniques, each piece in the collection is hand finished. 

  1. We model our jewellery in 3D.

  2. Then we send these 3D files to a specialised 3D printing facility to be printed in wax.

  3. The wax prints are then fused onto a wax tree with other wax models, to maximize space.

  4. A mould is then taken of the 3D wax prints using plaster. This mould has an entry and exit point which allows for the liquid wax to escape once the mould is heated to a high temperature inside a specialised oven. This mould has an entry and exit point which allows for the liquid wax to escape once the mould is heated to a high temperature inside a specialised oven.

    Once the wax model has melted and the liquid wax has ran out of the mould the plaster will have hardened.

  5. Molten silver is then injected into the cavity where the wax once was.

  6. Once cooled the cast silver is removed from the moulds and polished by hand. This piece becomes the master piece.

  7. A rubber mould is taken of the master silver jewellery piece. This mould is then used to produce many more wax jewellery pieces.

  8. Steps 2-6 are then repeated but with the new wax pieces taken from the rubber mould.

See images for reference by all means get in touch with your questions!

Immortalising Welbeck Street Car Park

Ellen Thomas

Much to the despair of brutalist architecture lovers everywhere Welbeck Street car park is set to be demolished in the very near future. It’s beautiful tessellating facade will soon be torn down to make way for another luxury hotel in London’s Westminster area.

Photo features Adornment Archives Welbeck pendent photo by Ellie Bungay

Photo features Adornment Archives Welbeck pendent photo by Ellie Bungay

As lovers of architecture we are deeply saddened that this brutalist beauty will soon be gone for good. So, in an effort to conserve the memory of WSCP we have teamed up with London based photographer Ellie Bungay to collaborate on a body of work called Immortalising Welbeck.

Ellie has taken some stunning photographs of the car parks exterior so that it’s beauty can be immortalised in print. These will soon be available to purchase through our upcoming Indiegogo campaign.

At Adornment Archive we decided to commemorate the geometric form of the car park by making it into a piece of jewellery. We took the shape of one of the concrete polygons and played with scale and functionality of the shape, imagining different ways in which the shape could be worn. We are still designing the range, but if you’d like to be kept up to date about itWelbeck car park for Adornment Archive photo by Ellie Bungay why not register your interest here and we will keep you up to date: why not register your interest here and we will keep you up to date:


Welbeck car park inspired jewellery

Ellen Thomas

We are super excited to show your our first prototype for our collection inspired by Welbeck car park. More details to be released very soon! We also have an exciting collaboration coming with the talented Ellie Bungay, we want to keep this Brutiful building in our hearts after it’s gone!💥💥 Watch this space! Join our mailing list via our website more information. Link in the bio for

Welbeck car park inspired necklace designed by Adornment Archive photo credit to Ellie Bungay 

Welbeck car park inspired necklace designed by Adornment Archive photo credit to Ellie Bungay 

In 2018 launched a business doing what we love whilst working full time.

Ellen Thomas

To the side Hustle!

This year was the year we took the plunge. It’s been a few years in the making (from idea to creating designs) but 2018 was the year we finally took the step into making what we love a business.

What we love being jewellery and architecture.

Not not quite sure how we got here to 2019 so fast, 2018 has felt like quite a whirlwind. I just wanted to take the time today on the 2nd of January minus a hangover, to celebrate some of this years achievements and say thank you to some people who have really helped us out.


Why? Well Acknowledging the little experience we had  running a business! This year we have turned to others and read various business books (some have been great I will maybe do a post just on this) including the one by the founder of NIP&FAB and Rodial, Maria Hatzistefanis.  One of the things she talks about in the book that particularly resonated with us. That I know I personally am not good at!  Was the idea that building a business (or starting anything new really) is hard, full of ups and downs and it’s really important to celebrate the achievements no matter how small. I guess this is to be present and all that but also I think its about keeping moral up, largely as with most things in life running a business rarely goes to plan especially in the beginning.

This is an idea we are going to try action more in our business but also in my personal life. 

So that’s the New Years Resolution to celebrate the achievements no matter how small

Here goes

  • We launched our first collection via indiegogo for which we where 121% funded! (much to our own surprise)

  • We launched our website and shop. (thanks here to squarespace)

  • We did some awesome collaborative shoots with the talented Ellie Bungay and James Fortune.

  • In 2017 we set a brief for Liverpool a John Moore’s university who can be followed @wearefashion_lsad as a result we met the Lovely Megan Storey who’s created some wonderful content for us since.

  • We worked with some fantastic stylists and influencers







  • We saw visited some brutalist buildings. Seeing Marina city in Chicago was a real highlight, we also visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s house which has be a real long time goal!


So what’s next?

First the dreaded tax return!

Then after that we are going to create some designs inspired by another’s of London’s Brutalist gems (It’s not the Barbican this time!).

Our plan is to create a series of designs! Then get you our supporters to choose your favourite and take another pre-order for the winning design around March.

More to be be revealed soon!!

Huge thanks for all the support in all its forms, those who supported the campaign but also those who have listed given time, made tea and listened. To those pondering your own ventures if we have made it this far I am 100% sure you can do whatever it is you think you cant.

Lots of love

Wishing you all a wonderful 2019!

Adornment Archive


by Written by Ellen Thomas

Top 5 Brutalist Instagram accounts to follow 2018

Ellen Thomas

At Adornment Archive we create jewellery inspired by architecture, we love to travel where we can but often our jewellery design ideas come from the accounts we follow online. 

So heres some brutiful Instagram accounts that have been inspiring us over the last year. 

We are so amazed how many Bruts are out there! The daily inspiration we get from Instagram is amazing. 

We try to share daily what’s inspiring our architectural jewellery collections on our Instagram stories. 

Here’s just a few accounts we love (in no order).

We can’t wait to get designing new architecture inspired collections in the new year. 

Have a brutiful holidays xxx


Brutalist Architecture

Ellen Thomas

A love for the unappreciated ...

A love for the unappreciated is what inspired us to create a jewellery collection based on the simple, geometric blocks frequently incorporated in Brutalist architecture. One of our favourite examples of Brutalist architecture is the Grade II listed buildings that form the Barbican Estate. These somewhat simple structures have been granted such a prestigious status due to its scale, cohesion and the ambition of the project.  Our balconies collection is inspired by the upward ‘flicks’ on the Barbican’s tower blocks. Whilst designing these pieces we particularly referenced this picture of Lauredale Tower taken by our very own @ellenthomasdesign. Why not take the Barbican tour for yourself and see what inspiration you can draw from the minimal forms that surround you during your visit? Details of the tour can be found here:


Ellen Thomas

At Adornment Archive we believe in the power of collaboration. 
Collaboration is exciting and it keeps you on your toes. 
We have boot strapped our Jewellery design business, it was born out of our love of design. We couldn't have got where we are today without the help of others. 
I just wanted to take the time over the next few weeks to introduce a few people who we have been working with recently. 

First up Megan Storey
Megan Storey is fashion communication LJMU her main interests are branding and identity, image making and journalism.

You can see more of Megans work here


Magic Breakfast

Ellen Thomas

I first came across the magic breakfast after eating at Foxlow in Farringdon (the beef short rib is to die for), there was a polite note at the bottom of the bill declaring an optional 22p had been donated to the Magic breakfast. 

It costs 22p to feed a child a healthy breakfast. 

Magic Breakfast is a charity in the UK ensuring that no child is too hungry to learn through the provision of healthy breakfast food and expert support to schools. A hungry child cannot concentrate so will miss out on half a day of lessons, every day, if not given anything to eat.

Roll on a couple of years and with pleasure, Adornment Archive are donating some jewelry to their silent auction as part of their third Magic dinner !!

adornment archive magic breakfast .jpg



Magic Breakfast will hold its third annual Magic Dinner, hosted by Grace Dent & Jonny Woo and sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, on Monday 18th September. The event will take place on The Rooftop at Ace Hotel London and will raise funds to provide healthy breakfasts to children in deprived areas who arrive at school too hungry or malnourished to learn.

Tickets and all details are available via this link

Bank Holiday style guide

Ellen Thomas

Hey its a sunny Bank holiday weekend and we are pleased to unveil our new site!! Powered by square spacealong with our outfit guide for this weekend.


Bank holiday Style by Adornment Archive

Bank holiday style

Keeping cool in 27 degress in a vintage striped shirt dress paired with Rayban aviators, peacock nails and our Brutalist Hoops.